City Of Burrton Gas Customers



Safety Notice

The purpose of the City of Burrton Gas System is to provide natural gas to its customers as safely as possible.  The Cities Gas System has been very reliable with no major gas leaks.  Gas pipelines are the safest method to transport natural gas.

Hazards Natural gas is odorless in its raw form, so the chemical Mercaptan is added to the gas so that it can be detected by smell.  There are four hazards associated with natural gas:



Asphyxiation & Suffocation


If You Smell Gas If the smell of gas is present inside your home - no matter how faint or strong - or if you hear a hissing sound:



Smoke or Strike a Match

Turn on Lights

Operate any Electrical Switches or Appliance Controls

Pull any Plugs from Outlets

Use a Flashlight or Lighter

Use a Telephone or Cell Phone from inside the building



Get Everyone Out of the Building Immediately

Leave the Door Open

Use a Neighbor's Phone or a Cell Phone Outside the Building to call 911

Remain Outside until the Structure has been Cleared by Gas Personnel

What To Look For When gas odor is detected, look for dead spots of vegetation where the gas line is located
Before Digging Before any excavation projects or digging, even in your own yard, you are Required by State Statute to call Kansas Dig Safe and allow time for underground services to be located and marked.

 1-800-344-7233 or Simply Dial 811

Online at:

In A Gas Emergency If you have an Emergency, Call 911
Questions? If you have any questions concerning the Gas System, please contact City Hall at 620-463-4545 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.  Evenings and Weekends call 911.

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