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Our Mission

Burrton Community Development Committee


Carol Kirk, Chair

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Burrton, KS  67020

Our Vision
Our Philosophy

Focus.  Vision.  Determination.  Community.

Our Mission


The mission of the Burrton Community Development Committee is to take a proactive stance on issues concerning the growth and future of the Burrton Community.

The Burrton Community Development Committee, in partnership with local businesses, residents, the schools, the City, and the Harvey County Economic Development Council, work to assure Burrton will be a safe, productive, vibrant community in the 21st Century.


Since its inception, the BCDC has developed the slogan for the city, installed the lighted sign on Highway 50, sponsored city-wide clean-up programs, completed several City Auditorium renovation projects, and hosted several town hall meetings to encourage input from the community.


The Committee meets at 7:00 p.m. on the last Monday of each month.


Our Vision

Building For A Better Tomorrow... Today! is more than a slogan on a sign.

It is our vision for Burrton, as together we are:


Building Excellence In Education

for Our Students

Building Relationships with Family and Friends through Recreation

Building Strength through Faith & Values

Building a Strong & Safe Community


Building a Community with Fair & Balanced Government 


Building Knowledge & Discovery Through Books

Building A Strong Manufacturing Presence



Building Quality Homes For

Growing Families

Building A Quiet Life In a Friendly, Peaceful Community

Our Philosophy


Burrton is a community of individuals who, historically, have enjoyed the freedom to do as they pleased without the interference of policies and governmental controls, while at the same time extending a selfless, caring hand to their neighbors.  The quiet, slower pace of life in a community of familiar faces and close friends is important to the residents of Burrton.

Being centrally located between the metropolitan cities of Hutchinson, McPherson, Newton, & Wichita, has been both a blessing and a curse to the community as a whole.  Convenience and wholesale pricing from these cities have enticed Burrton's residents to spend their money outside of our own community.  Over time, our businesses failed to survive, and our once-thriving Main Street has all but become a ghost town.  For many residents, this has seemed to be an inevitable and irreversible condition.

Because Burrton is so centrally and ideally located to these major cities, our biggest value is not as a retail center, but as a unique community of neighbors who, ideally, share similar interests and expectations for the future of the town.  Around the unique needs of this growing community would develop the specialty businesses that would be sustainable by residents and visitors.

We therefore envision a community where the people do not hide from each other on back decks behind privacy fences, but who continue to wave to their neighbors and visit with their friends while sitting on their front porch swings.  We envision a community where the residents rally around the school and the community events to the degree that these become regular events motivated by participation and interest.  Community bands, concerts, plays, and festivals grow from a citizenry who desire to be involved in them.  Seeking to identify the unique personality of our community, and to entice others with similar interests to move to our quiet, friendly bedroom community, is what we hope to accomplish.

We envision a city that provides quality job opportunities for local workers - by encouraging companies to leave the hassle of the big town for the pleasantries of a smaller one, including the value our residents place on a honest and hard work ethic.

We envision a city that cherishes its tree-lined streets with an eclectic mixture of housing styles, old and new, meeting the needs of all income levels on differing sized lots - shunning the "cookie-cutter, every-house-the-same" housing developments encountered in most communities.  In Burrton, our homes express our individuality as well as our practicality, and we desire a citizenry who takes personal pride and appreciation for a well-kept and well-maintained property as a reflection of their values and the community as a whole - without increasing regulation at a local, State, or Federal level to enforce it.

We envision a city that maintains a strong manufacturing base as well as a revitalized downtown Main Street district with a variety of merchants who are supported by the community they serve.  Obviously, the days of our Variety Store competing with Wal-Mart are long gone.  However, a retail center in our community that meets the unique needs of our growing community, at a variety of levels, is well within our reach.  It simply will require a community commitment and a handful of visionary merchants with a heart not to get rich, but to provide a quality service at a fair price in a community of friends and relatives. 

We seek to maintain a neighborhood and family-friendly community.

We seek to enhance the living and working conditions provided within the community.

We seek to maintain the natural resources and the casual feel in and around the community.

We seek to develop the business, cultural, and educational options within the community.


Working Together, We Can

Build A Better Tomorrow.... Today!



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