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Burrton Mennonite Church


James Dunn, Pastor


429 N. Reno  -  Burrton, Kansas  67020



The origin of the Burrton Mennonite Church has been traced to the late 1800's when Mennonites already living in the area began buying farm land around Burrton.  Services were held in private homes for many years, until the Church was organized.  The original building was located on South Colorado street.  Groundbreaking for the current building was held April 13, 1958.

Burrton United Methodist Church

Burrton United Methodist Church


Kim Benson, Pastor


114 W Center  -  Burrton, Kansas 67020



The Church was originally organized as the Burrton Methodist Episcopal Church in June, 1873, with seven members, at the then called Ballenger schoolhouse three miles west of Burrton, in Reno county, by Rev. John Harris. Six months later the Church moved to Burrton and held services in the schoolhouse. The following Pastors served the new congregation: Rev. John Harris, one year; G. W. Kanabel, one year; Rev. Presby, six months; M. M. Haun, one year; W. W. Woodsie, two years; S. Ward, one year; C. B. Mitchel, one year; H. G. Hamilton, one year; and G. H. Matthews came in March, 1882. There were 70 members on the rolls in 1884.


Faith Community Bible Church


Travis Heneha, Pastor


219 N. Harvey  -  Burrton, Kansas  67020



First Christian Church


Charles Kerr Sr, Pastor


201 S. Burrton Ave.  -  Burrton, Kansas  67020



The First Christian Church was organized in 1874 by Rev. J. Ellet (who remained as Pastor after 1884) with eighteen members. Service were held in the old schoolhouse until the fall of 1879, when the present Church edifice was completed. It was said that "the building is a fine structure, 36 x 48 feet and cost $1,200." There were 45 members on the rolls in 1884.


Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church


Kim Benson, Pastor


11303 E. Longview Rd.  -  Burrton, Kansas  67020






First Baptist Church

The Baptist Church was organized in the Boss schoolhouse, two and one-half miles west of Burrton, in Reno County, September, 1876, with sixteen members. In the fall of 1877 the membership had increased to forty-two members. Old Father Camp, the organizer of the Church, remained two years. He was succeeded by Rev. D. Rowe, who remained two years. Rev. A. Post, the next Pastor, officiated one year, followed by Rev. J. H. Howgate. In 1877 a frame building was erected and in 1880 was moved into Burrton. In 1884 there were 23 members on the rolls.  The Church closed in the 1950's. 

First Presbyterian Church

First Presbyterian Church was organized February 13, 1874 with 8 members, by Rev. R. M. Overstreet, who held service in Burrton early in October 1873.  The Church organized three miles east of Burrton in the Page schoolhouse. Rev. Overstreet remained as Pastor until May, 1877, when he was succeeded by Rev. J. T. Phillips, who ministered unto the Church until November, 1878. He was succeeded by Rev. D. Kingery.  Regular services were held in the new school house building in Burrton after it was completed. It is not known when the Church stopped meeting.


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